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6-Pack Deep Deodorizer

 Tip: You'll be the talk of the town when your house doesn't smell like pee anymore 😉

6-pack of our best urine removing formula yet — activated with boiling water… as easy as making tea!  Permanently removes cat urine odor from soft and hard surfaces. Natural soybean enzyme formula. 10-year shelf life.

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Optional Free Pet Laser

Free to a good home: If your pet would enjoy this, then add one to your order, on us!

 Tip: You and your pet will achieve zen bliss by watching this red dot circle around for hours.

Great exercise and stimulation, and your pet may like it too. Includes batteries.

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Add-on: Bonus Pet Laser Toy $0 USD

Ultraviolet Pee Finder Light

 Tip: Re-enact your favorite Ghostbusters scenes while hunting for pee in the dark.

Watch the Magic

One Time Offer (Save $5): Find mysterious dried pet urine stains around your home with the 3-in-1 Pee-Scope! Ultraviolet light makes dried urine stains glow when the room lights are off. Includes UV mode, red laser pointer mode, and general-purpose flashlight mode. What more could you want in life? Includes AA battery.

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Add-on: Pee-Scope Special $9.99 USD
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Recent Customer Reviews

Tammy I was skeptical at first that a pouch that you make like tea would work on my suede couch I’d tried everything to get the pee smell out. I made the solution as per instructions and poured it over the two huge pee stains on ... See more my couch they were not new stains but still smelled of urine. I waited the alloted time suggested and wiped it up with paper towels. Waited for it to dry and immediately noticed a reduced smell of cat urine. It’s been several days now since I did it and I still don’t smell it. My husband also noticed a huge difference in the product and smell of the cat urine. This product saved my suede couch. And my cat hasn’t peed on it since. I would suggest this product to anyone!
This review was written by a customer who was offered a free pack to share their experience
Jim in Oakwood
I previously used a product from the U.S. that was quite effective, but since they did not ship to Canada, it was a hassle trying to get it delivered. An online search brought Pee-Off to my ... See more attention and because it was a Canadian product, I decided to try it. It was the best move I made. The package arrived 3 days after ordering and I tried it immediately. I was skeptical about it because the stain and smell in one area was simply disgusting. In any event, I followed the instructions to the letter and wow was I amazed. Within half an hour the stain and the smell were completely eliminated. It actually vastly outperforms my previous product. If you have cat urine issues, Pee-Off is the answer - period. Thanks for developing such a wonderful product.
Patricia I really like the idea of the tea bag and steeping and them pouring on the area. We have 2 of our cats that are not fixed yet and the one male seems to want to pee on all clothing that is on the ground so if we have a pair of pants my hubby takes off and ... See more goes to bed and he leaves them right oN the floor where he dropped them per say lol in the morning the male cat would have peed on them as well has the carpeted area around them. So during this hot summer it did start to smell a little like cat urine in our living room others were noticing when visiting so when I used Pee-Off it was gone and everyone commented how great that it smelt now in the apartment that it didn’t smell like we had 3 cats living in our apartment anymore so I’m very impressed with this product and hope to find out where to purchase it cause it will be on my list regularly.
This review was written by a customer who was offered a free pack to share their experience
Beth in Pineville I am a small in home Sphynx breeder, so several times a year I have kittens,( that are learning to use litter box) they have accidents occasionally and ... See more have tried several other products but still smell the ammonia. After using Pee-off I no longer have the smell in the kitten room, Love it! Thanks for inventing something this awesome!!!!!
This review was written by a customer who was offered a free pack to share their experience
Veronica in Kansas Hello, I think your product works very well! In my order I also received a teabag in a purple package, which I finally used and is AMAZING! How can I ... See more order more of the teabags? I would like more, and I want to pass them along to my friends with pets.
This review was written by a customer who was offered a free pack to share their experience
Gini in NYC Sirs, I thank you! One of my female cats has a tendency to 'mark' her territory. Usually this is done by males, but ... See more Emma does it. I have used the tea on an old spot on the floor behind the sofa. Yes, the odor is less. I shall give it a second treatment, but it definitely is working. A fabric spot in the bedroom is now odorless. You have definitely improved the quality of my life.
This review was written by a customer who was offered a free pack to share their experience

3 Quick Steps

Add boiling water to the Pee-Off bag, just like making tea.

Pour it on cat pee stain, on carpet, furniture, bedding, or anywhere else.

Wait 1 hour for enzymes to neutralize odor, then blot excess liquid from surface.

Proven Results.

Pee-Off performed better than the 7 leading commercial urine cleaners it was tested against in a blind scientific study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, how well does it REALLY work?2020-11-17T16:08:32-05:00

Pee-Off is the most powerful (effective) cat urine deodorizer that our team has tested (including commercial products and “home remedies”), while still being:

  • Non-staining
  • Non-bleaching
  • All-natural / non-toxic
  • Affordable

What you can really expect

Pee-Off will definitely reduce the offensive odor of cat urine stain, both fresh and old.

However, cat urine is a complex “chemical soup”, and one of the most pungent inventions of nature. So depending on several factors you might not experience a complete and total deodorization of stains with this or any other product.

That’s why we offer our Happiness Guarantee: if you don’t find it works well enough for you, you get your money back.

What our tests showed

Among 7 popular commercial pet urine cleaners plus several “home remedies”, Pee-Off had superior cat urine deodorization in a 3-day blind odor study.


Does it work on other pet urine?2017-10-08T21:58:12-04:00

Many customers ask if it also works on dog urine. It does!

The basic chemistry of why Pee-Off works applies to all animal urine. However, we designed it specifically for cat urine, because cats have extremely strong (concentrated) and stinky urine.

Does it work on marking urine?2017-10-08T18:09:47-04:00

Male cats are especially keen on marking “their territory” with an extraordinarily stinky “marking spray”. Pee-Off works surprisingly well on marking spray, and may remove all odor if used as directed. However, marking spray is one of the pungent odors in nature (you may have noticed already!), so complete deodorization is not always possible with any product.

Why a tea bag?2020-11-12T23:28:43-05:00

Enzymes are more powerful when they’re fresh and hot. Hot water activates the enzymes right in your home, making it fresh and potent as possible. And, you save money by using your own water, cutting shipping costs.

How does your Happiness Guarantee work?2017-10-08T18:05:06-04:00

Our Guarantee is designed to be simple and straightforward for you. If you’re not happy with Pee-Off, you are entitled to a full refund within 60 days of your initial order by doing this:

  1. Send us a message through our website or email (hello@pee-off.com) to request a refund. We won’t be upset 🙂
  2. Mail any unused product to the return address we supply.
  3. Complete a short online return form that we’ll provide.

We’ll refund you through your original payment method. If that’s not possible, we’ll send your refund through any convenient means.

Your 100% refund includes the original purchase price, plus any taxes, plus any shipping you paid.

If you purchased several items from us together, we will refund the amount you paid for the product you are not happy with.

Will work well for me?2017-10-08T17:59:20-04:00

Pee-Off has been scientifically tested on the actual urine of real cats, with excellent results. However we welcome you to simply try it, and if you’re unhappy, use our Happiness Guarantee to get a full refund.

What does it smell like?2018-01-29T23:24:16-05:00

Pee-Off (Deep-Deodorizer and Rapid-Ready) has a light floral scent which smells delightful when fresh, but has little-to-no smell after use. Our fragrance was carefully selected to be neutral to cats, pleasant for people, and of course, safe for everyone.

Will Pee-Off Stain Fabrics?2018-01-30T20:52:32-05:00

We’re pretty fund people, but we take discoloration issues very seriously.

Both Deep-Deodorizer and Rapid-Ready contain no oxidizers, no peroxides, no bleaches, and no artificial pigments to keep fabrics safe.

They have been tested extensively on various fabrics and demonstrated no discoloration when used as directed.


Is it safe to use around pets and children?2017-10-08T18:22:21-04:00

Pee-Off uses all-natural ingredients chosen specifically to be safe around people, cats, and other common pets. If anyone in your home has sever soy allergies, note that it contains soy products.

Does it remove yellow pee stains?2017-10-08T18:22:41-04:00

Pee-Off may reduce yellow urine staining, but it’s primarily a urine deodorizer. Pee-Off has safe detergents that can loosen and lift stains, especially when hot. But because it doesn’t contain bleach or peroxides, it’s not a “stain remover.”

Can I use Pee-Off after it gets cold?2018-01-02T01:39:50-05:00

Yes, you can store cold Pee-Off for later use, but we recommend using it within 24 hours of brewing. Pee-Off works best when it’s “freshly-brewed” and still hot, because the enzymes are most active.

Can I steep the “tea bag” in a regular cup or teapot?2017-12-24T19:22:38-05:00

The Deep Deodorizer “tea bag” contains all-natural ingredients, similar to the food ingredients and detergents you’d normally use in cooking. So you can use your normal food bowls or cups to steep Pee-Off and just wash them normally.

We don’t recommend using a tea pot to steep Pee-Off, because some tea pots are porous ceramic, and difficult to properly clean.